A beginner’s guide to Boiler Grants

As consumer’s look to ever more ways to reduce what has come to be record high energy bills, many are considering applying for a Government backed boiler grant. Additionally however with finances tighter than ever before, many simply can’t afford an outlay of some £2000. This guide will talk you through the Boiler Grant process if you find yourself in either of these situations.

The benefits of installing a new boiler
Today boiler technology is incredible advanced, so much so that if you have a boiler that’s around 5 years or older you may well find that a new boiler reduces your energy bills by anything up to 20%.

As well as this you can be safe in the knowledge for some years to come that your boiler isn’t suddenly going to pack up in the middle of winter.

How Boiler Grants work
The majority of energy companies (including, EDF, Scottish Power, Utility Warehouse, SSE, Southern Electric, Eon, Scottish Hydro, Atlantic and British Gas) are now signed up to the scheme whereby they contribute to the boiler grant system. If you live in Scotland then you may find that your scheme differs slightly (check the latest information on the government’s Green Deal Financial Scheme for eligibility).

Boiler Eligibility
In order to qualify for a boiler grant as a starting point your boiler needs to be:
- 10 years or older,
- In an accepted state of disrepair (as certified by a qualified professional from the local authority or an energy provider).

Personal Eligibility
Additionally you yourself have to fall under one of the following eligibility guidelines:
- Be a receiver of Pension Credit,
- Be a receiver of Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit (all of which are dependent up on your income. As of 2012/2013 your earnings needed to be less than £15,860 to qualify).
- Be a receiver of Income Support, Employment Support Allowance or Jobseeker’s Allowance.

How much will you receive?
There are various grants available throughout the UK to help with the cost of your new boiler, here’s a summary of what’s currently available:
The Green Deal
The majority of boiler grants have now been replaced by what is known as the Green Deal; this provides a householder with a cash grant for the installation of a new boiler. However it’s important to know that strictly speaking this cash isn’t a grant and you are required to pay back the amount over a period of time. This is usually done through paying bills that are slightly higher than they actually are.

Boiler Grants Scotland
In Scotland the Scottish Green Homes Cashback Scheme is the new replacement of the Scottish Boiler Scrappage scheme and provides Scottish nationals anything up to £400 towards the cost of a new boiler.

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