A buyer’s guide to hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly common in the UK as people look to ever greener ways of travelling, in addition to saving on what can be one of the most expensive monthly outgoing they have to pay due to energy prices having seen all time highs throughout the credit crunch, and with prices not looking set to decrease any time soon, now may be the time to consider a hybrid car. In this guide, we look at what hybrid cars can offer, what the hottest models are on the UK market, and factors that you should consider when choosing a hybrid car.

The benefits of hybrid cars

The benefits of hybrid cars can be set into two distinct realms: one where people value being environmentally friendly and one where people look to improve their vehicles miles per gallon specification. The latter of which not only saves on petrol or diesel, but it additionally can save on car tax, with some particularly efficient cars being completely free from road tax.

Top 5 hybrid cars

The following hybrid cars are the cream of the hybrid UK crop, and feature here with both efficiency, as well as price in mind.

1. Toyota Yaris T3 1.5 VVT-I Price: £14,995 Drivetrain: Petrol/electric Fuel economy: 80.7mpg (EU Combined cycle) CO2 emissions: 79g/km

2. Honda CR-Z 1.5i V-TEC Price: £18,035 Drivetrain: Petrol/electric Fuel economy: 56.5mpg (EU Combined cycle) CO2 emissions: 117g/km

3. Honda Insight 1.3 IMA HE Hybrid Price: £19,535 Drivetrain: Petrol/electric Fuel economy: 68.9mpg (EU Combined cycle) CO2 emissions: 96g/km

4. Toyota Prius T3 Hybrid 1.8 VVT-i Price: £21,600 Drivetrain: Petrol/electric Fuel economy: 72.4mpg (EU Combined cycle) CO2 emissions: 89g/km

5. Citroën DS5 DSign Hybrid4 200 Airdream Price: £27,600 Drivetrain: Diesel/electric Fuel economy: 74.3mpg (EU Combined cycle) CO2 emissions: 99g/km

Things to consider when buying a hybrid car

Size of your hybrid vehicle

When choosing your car you should be mindful of the size of vehicle you need, there’s little point in choosing an oversized fuel efficient car when, by definition, you’re wasting fuel by driving unnecessary extra weight around.

Driving efficiently

For those that choose a hybrid car, they may expect to save massive amounts on petrol or diesel whilst still driving at speed. However you should bear in mind hat just because your car can be efficient, doesn’t mean that it will be if you’re topping 80mph on each and every journey. You should additionally aim for a smooth drive, without heavy breaking and accelerating, if you are to get optimum fuel efficiency.

Maintaining your vehicle

An additional factor in ensuring your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible is remembering to undertake regular maintenance. Even small details like your tyres being under pressured can lead to a significant waste of petrol.

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