A buyer’s guide to office desks

If you’re shopping for replacement office desks then you may well have been surprised at what can be a considerable cost. However, there are steps that you can take to ensure that you’re not paying over the odds and for those on a super tight budget there are still options available to you.

This guide will tell you how you can make a saving on your office desks and what else you should be considering when choosing office desks that are suitable for your needs.

Making a saving on your office desks
Shopping online
Shopping online is almost always cheaper than shopping in-store. A great place to start your online search is with ‘Google Shopping’ (to access this just use Google as you would normally, ensuring that the ‘Shopping’ tab is selected). This will present you with thousands of providers, where you can compare office desks side by side.

Considering delivery charges
When shopping online a prohibitive cost can be delivery. To ensure that you don’t waste your time browsing a website for the perfect desk be sure to check out the delivery charges first.

Asking about ex-display units
One situation where it may pay to shop in store is where the retailer may have ex-display items. Ask your local store whether they have any office desks in storage that they may have used previously for display, these items can invariable see discounts in-excess of 40%. Just be sure to thoroughly check the item over as it will probably have some signs of wear and tear.

Shopping for office desks on a super tight budget
If you find yourself on an extremely tight budget then your only option may be to use online auction websites. Whilst such websites will invariably see you purchasing second hand there are some pretty good deals to be found when compared to purchasing new.

If you do decide to take this route then be sure to check out the seller’s feedback and the item’s description in detail.

Contacting an office supplier specialist
If you’re buying in bulk (e.g. three of more desks) then contacting an office supplies specialist directly can see you benefitting from their buying power and ability to provide significant discounts.

Other factors to consider when choosing your office desks
Buying for the home office versus buying for the commercial office
Buying for the home office when compared to buying for the commercial office sees drastically different items being suitable for day to day needs. A commercial office will invariably require desks that are far more robust and practical than a desk purchased for leisure time for the home.

In particular, purchasing for the office should see you considering the storage you require, such as filing or drawers for items that need to be kept close to hand.
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